Overcome evil with good

Sin will take us farther

than we want to go,

keep us longer than we want to stay,

and cost us more

than we want to pay.

Sin makes us hide from God

when are greatest need

is to expose ourselves

and to hide in God

Not only does sin have consequences,

but also each time we sin,

we reinforce a pattern

that becomes harder

and harder to break.

If we persist in sin with the thought

that one day we will get right with God

we should remind ourselves

that God may still be there,

to forgive and restore us,

but we may not be.

Sin has a diminishing factor to it.

It always gives it’s best

in the beginning.

It never gets better after that …

it only gets worse.

It’s not impossible to say no

to the patterns of the numbing cycle

that surrounds us,

there’s no reason to lower the standard

there’s no purpose

In rationalizing being imprisoned

to self destructive life (death) choices.

Overcome evil with good


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