Our advocate

I watched intently as someone I know was deposed

This poem from an unknown source came to mind

Finding joy in our Advocate

The day I went to court, and stood before the Judge…

I tried to gain His favor.

But eyes He would not meet-there to my defeat,

so much my spirit wavered.

I actually thought my dress, my manner

could make a good impression.

But it wasn’t me He looked to see

or graced with an expression.

I was good, or so I thought, in this, a civil matter.

I’d done no crime so feared no time…myself,

I came to flatter.

But I was nothing, standing there—

this, the Judge made plain.

Because he would not look at me despite my efforts, vain.

You see, I had an Advocate, a lawyer for my case…

toward only Whom, as hope did bloom,

the Good Judge turned His face.

He said, “This person, standing here…do she,

You represent?

The lawyer smiled and spoke a while,

saying that was why He had been sent.

Then said the Judge,

“You’ve carried out all matters perfectly so…so this,

Your plea,

I’ll issue Thee: that she Is free to go.”

And so I found even though I thought

I’d done nothing of shame…. yet there was sin

I’d stumbled in which is why my Lawyer came.

He saves us in our chaos,

He goes before the Judge.

He says,

“They’re Mine.”

And in Him, we find,

God’s Courts will hold no grudge.

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