We are as the cedars of Lebanon

The cedars of Lebanon which God has planted.

Psalm 104:16

Lebanon’s cedars are representative of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

We owe our planting totally to the Lord.

This is true of every believer.

We are not man-planted

We are not self-planted,

We are God-planted.

As Spurgeon has noted:

The mysterious hand of God’s Spirit dropped the living seed into our heart.

He prepared our heart to receive God’s Word of grace.

Our destiny of heaven is owed to Jesus, our great cultivator and our planter.

The cedars of Lebanon are not dependent on man for their watering.

They stand on the lofty rock, unmoistened by human irrigation.

It is our Heavenly Father that supplies their moisture.

In Christ, we as His believers, learn to live by faith.

We are independent of man, even in physical things.

It is God’s continued maintenance that keeps us.

We look to the Lord our God, and to Him alone.

The dew of heaven is our portion, and the God of heaven is our fountain.

We, as the cedars of Lebanon are not protected by any mortal power.

We owe nothing to man for their preservation from stormy wind & tempest.

We are God’s trees, kept & preserved by Him & by Him alone.

We are not a hot-house plant, sheltered from temptation.

We stand in the most exposed position.

We have no shelter, no protection, except this,

that the broad wings of the eternal God always cover the cedars which He Himself has planted.

Like cedars, we are full of sap, having vitality enough to be ever green, even in winter’s snows.

The flourishing and majestic condition of the cedar is to the praise of God only.

The Lord, even our Lord alone has been everything to the cedars.

The Psalmist writes:

“Praise the Lord, fruitful trees & all cedars.”

In us, we have nothing that can magnify us as self made peoples;

we are planted,
we are nourished
we are protected

by the Lord’s own hand & to Him let all the glory be ascribed.

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