Persistent praying

Prayer and persistence

Jesus declared in His teaching that

We ought always to pray and not give up,

In the parable in which His words occur,

Christ taught with an intention

of delivering us from being fainthearted

His design is to rescue us from weakness in prayer.

Our Lord is teaching us

that laxity must be guarded against,

His Spirit urges us to be persistent

He wants us to stay encouraged.

He wants us exercise the insistence of faith

The importance of earnest pleading

is an indispensable quality in our praying.

Urgent praying is a mighty movement

of our soul toward God with our burdens and needs.

It is a stirring of the deepest forces of our heart,

We come boldly to the throne of heavenly grace.

With Spirit driven ability to hold on, press on, and wait.

Jesus places in us Restless desire, in restful patience,

Jesus leads us to strongly grasp His embrace

This isn’t an incident, or a performance,

This is a passion of our inner person.

It is not a want, half-needed, but a sheer necessity.

The wrestling quality in urgent praying burdens,

Doesn’t spring from physical vehemence

This is not human fleshly energy.

This is an inwrought force

Where Christ is knocking on our hearts door,

This is a faculty implanted and aroused by His Spirit.

Virtually, this is the intercession

of the Spirit of God, in us; it is,

“the effectual, fervent prayer, that availeth much.”

The Spirit of Christ is inflaming every element within us,

with His energy and with His own striving,

This is the essence of His persistence

which urges our praying at the mercy seat,

to continue until the fire falls and the blessing descends.

This wrestling in prayer may not be boisterous

but quiet, tenacious, and urgent pleading.

Silent, it may be, when there are no visible outlets

for its mighty forces that presses us inside.

Nothing distinguishes reaching out to God

As clearly and strongly as praying.

Praying is the one infallible mark and test

of our expression of being a believer.

Believing people are prayerful,

When we’re doubt-minded, we’re puny in prayer

Believers call on God;

While doubting rejectors ignore God,

Empty professors call not on His name.

We need to cultivate continual prayer.

Prayer must be habitual, but more than a habit.

Prayer is duty, As praying rises far above,

Praying goes beyond the ordinary implications

Praying pushes outside the natural to God’s supernatural

Praying is the expression of our relationship to God,

Praying is yearning for divine communion.

Praying is the outward and upward flow

of our inner life toward Jesus our original fountain.

Praying is an assertion of the soul to our Father

Praying a claiming of our faith in our God’s faithfulness,

Praying links us to our eternal inheritance realities

adapted E. M. Bounds writings

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