Stand up against resistance

We feel internal resistance from fatigue, weakness and disappointment

We feel the pressure of outer resistance from critics, ridicule and opposition

To “be steadfast and immovable”

1 Cor. 15:58

means to be “settled, firm, letting nothing shake our faith or move us away

knowing and being continually aware that our efforts in the Lord

are not futile

nothing we do in Christ’s Spirit is ever wasted or purposeless

So we stand our ground. We don’t hold back.

We throw ourselves into the work of Christ ,

We’re confident that nothing we do for Him is a waste of time or effort.

It is significant that the word


in Philippians 3:16

is the word

“press on”

in Philippians 3:14

We call out to God, we cry and implore Him. We plead; give us answers.

God, please take our side! We’re in a tight place, give us some space;

Every time we turn around we’re facing new challenges, new problems

and more trouble: give us Your enabling grace! hear us!

We’re surrounded by rabble and riffraff

Lord how long do we have to put up with their scorn?

How long will they lust after lies?

How long will they live crazed by illusion?

Psalm 4:1-2 personalized

O God You are our righteousness:

You have enlarged us when we were in distress

Psalms 4:1 KJV


At 17, Joan of Arc was determined to right the human injustices in France.

When asked,

“What if no one follows you?”

She answered,

“I’ll never notice because I won’t look back.”

Christ warns us

Don’t become “faint.”

Luke 18:1

The Greek word for faint means

Don’t relax, or don’t become weak or weary in faith

Don’t give up the struggle, keep pressing on, complete the task

Johannes Tauler, the German theologian who lives from 1300 – 1361


“If a man loves God, and has no will except to do God’s will,

the whole force of the Rhine River may rush at him,

and yet will not disturb him or interrupt his peace.”

“Zion, let not your hands be slack. The Lord your God in your midst,

the Mighty One, will save.”

Zephaniah 3:16-17

Alexander the Great was informed that there was a formidable army of

100,000 Persians prepared to defeat him.

He answered, “Yet, one butcher fears not myriads of sheep.”

“Ah!” said another, “when the Persians draw their bows,

their arrows are so numerous that they darken the sun.”

Alexander responded,

“It will be fine to fight in the shade!”

Vernie W. Reed

“Faith makes things possible; it does not make them easy”

Dave Arnold, Pastor

We’re to be steadfast, immovable always abound in the work of the Lord.

As C. H. Spurgeon stated:

“The best evidence of God’s presence is the devil’s growl.”

A paraphrase of John Wesley’s journal section reads:

“May 5th: A.M.:

Preached in St. Ann’s; was asked not to come back.


preached at St. John’s; deacons said, ‘Get out and stay out.’

May 12th A.M.:

preached at St. Andrew’s; elders called a special meeting and said not to return.

P.M.: preached on the street and was run off.

May 26th A.M.:

preached in a field; got chased by a bull that was set loose.

June 2nd A.M:

preached at the edge of town; police moved me.

P.M: preached in a pasture and 10,000 people came!”

So we stand tall against the raging waves of resistance

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