Pain can hit in on us

Pain approaches us

On a number of plains.

You isolate and focus in one area,

trying to tackle a solution,

and a new area

or multiple arenas of trauma

and stress clobber our peace.

God knows our heartache

God knows our pain threshold.

He is the God of all comfort

God comforts us in our pain

that we may be able to comfort others.

He reveals deep

He reveals the hidden things

He knows what lies in darkness,

and light dwells with Him

Daniel 2:22.

God knows truth that is deep

God gives unsearchable truths

Truth that is hidden and kept secret

He alone knows these deep truths.

At moments of His own choosing,

He reveals what’s deep

He reveals hidden things to us.

Pain is not in vain in The Lord.

This is what turns our heart to Him

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