He came walking, not running,

not riding on the wings of the wind,

but walking deliberately,

as one slow to anger,

teaching us,

when we are ever much provoked,

teaching not to be hot nor hasty,

but to speak kindly

and act considerately

and not rashly.

He came in the cool of the day,

not in the night,

when all fears are doubly fearful,

nor in the heat of day,

for he came not

in the heat of His anger.

Fury is not in him

Isa. 27:4.

Nor did he come suddenly

upon them;

but they heard His voice

at some distance,

giving them notice of his coming,

and it was a still small voice,

like that in which he came

to enquire after Elijah.

Some think they heard Him

discoursing with Himself

concerning the sin of Adam,

and the judgment

now to be passed upon him,

perhaps as he did

concerning Israel

Hos. 11:8, 9.

How shall I give thee up?

Matthew Henry

His heart broken,

creation’s perfection shattered,

His image-bearers marred

and subject to death,

He came walking.

Gently, softly, lovingly,

kindly the King of the universe

came walking.

How beautiful.

And when he came to make

atonement for that sin,

Jesus too came walking.

He too came in such a manner

as made it formidable only

to those who recognised

who He was

and saw the depth of their guilt.

He came as a man,

as one who was willing

to be familiar with us.

We heard a voice,

calling in the wilderness,

giving us notice of His coming.

And, knowing the heartbreak

that awaited Him,

knowing He was to take on

the brokenness of all creation

and be scarred by those

His hands had made,

knowing He was to become

death for us,

He came, walking.

Jennie Pollock

He comes to us walking

in our difficulties and sorrows.

We feel His loving approach

step by step.

He reaches to us

saying gently, give to Me,

let Me have your heartaches

and woe.

I’ll take them.

You just grow in Me.

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