Messed up people

The basic premise of performance

based religionists is that

if you try hard to be good,

things will go well for you

That is totally wrong.

As Keller noted

“Jesus lived perfectly yet suffered

rejection and ruthless heart

rending pains”

that He would be our perfect


Isn’t this our motivation

to seek Jesus?

We need a Savior every moment.

So when all kinds of trials and

temptations crowd into our lives

When problems keep piling in

lining up to take an unscheduled

disrupting aggravation on us

don’t resent and grudge them

as intruders, yes problem are a

personal abomination to us,

but welcome them as friends!

Realize that they come to test

our faith and to push us into

our Savior’s embrace

They produce in us this special

quality of endurance.

Let Jesus into each situation

This is a process of developing

Christ’s motivating endurance

And His mature Spirit filling.

character is what frees us.

In this process, we ask God to

guide us in each problem.

He promises His wisdom and

He’s perfect in generosity.

We can trust God, to save us in

His time and way

E. M. Bounds notes;

“The experience of our adversity

forms the content of our prayers.

Asking for relief.

Looking for escape.

Hoping for deliverance.”

That’s Jesus drawing near asking

us to come close to Him.

Jesus loves messed up people

actually messed up people

are all that there are

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