Quill the storms in me

Quill the storms in me

Lord Jesus please we plead with You

calm the storm

Throughout all time

Our greatest source, the Bible,

Tells our historical past

and our prophetic future

We see You God time after time,

supernaturally intervening

into our natural world.

Jesus while You walked this earth

as a man,

You calmed the raging storms

of nature

You quelled the turbulent storms

in our hearts.

Your miracles are always

for the purpose of revealing Yourself

to us

and displaying Your power

as evidence

of Your authority and control.

Your ultimate goal is that we

might witness God’s glory

and turn to You in a loving

and a trusting personal relationship.

We believe that You God

have the power to calm our storm

Help us where our doubt

Help us in our unbelief that blinds us

God would You bring glory to Yourself

by miraculously calming these

insane storms colliding all around us.

We concede and bow our hearts

in awe before Your power God

You only have the authority to act

and intervene in

the strongest of storms

And our plea is that You will

immediately intrude

into every area of chaotic raging

that’s destructively tearing the fabric

of peace and security everywhere,

Would You speak the word that melts

us and the hearts of people.

We cry for Your

compassionate impact

on each precious life.

That we all might see and recognize

Your power, glory and love.

Help us supernaturally to endure

the tossing of the storms

and speak through our responses

Your great love and blessings

We know Your mysterious ways

and that it’s not always

Your will Father

to relieve us of suffering

and the oddities of

Our confusing surroundings.

Give us the words to explain

these difficult truths

We’re surrounded in a sin-drenched,

erratic and unstable world

There is disaster,

There is illness

There is calamity everywhere.

The fact that we haven’t been

wiped out or vaporized

in our own folly millenniums ago

is a miracle of Your

compassionate mercy

We see Jesus falling on His face

in a garden.

How poetic for a garden of perfection

was where our fall into chaos began

We hear Jesus crying

“My Father, if it be possible,

let this cup pass from me;

nevertheless, not as I will,

but as you will.”

Matthew 26:39

We hear Jesus’ pleadings from

“rescue me” to “strengthen me”.

If You choose not to

remove the storms,

Give us the ability to calm

the raging storm within us

Grace us to provide peace,

strength, guidance, comfort

and inner power unlike ever known.

We Pray that if the storms remain,

give us a spirit of endurance

and a

“peace that passes all understanding”

Philippians 4:7

Your Peace in the middle of chaos

is a greater miracle

Use these storms please

Thank You that You God

work everything for our good

That You use terrible situations

for Your redeeming purposes

Romans 8:28

That bad never triumphs over

Your Grace and Your good

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