Teach us, O Lord,

the way of Your Word

and we’ll keep it to the end.

Psalm 119:33

God, teach us lessons for living

so we can stay on course

our entire life

We’ll run the course

You lay out for us

if you’ll just show us how.

Psalm 119:32

Fill us with Your Word.

Energize us to read Your Word,

Stimulate us to listen too

and study Your voice,

Motivate us too memorize

and meditate on Your Word.

Make us godly.

Teach us Your truth.

Enlarge our heart into an

intimate relationship with You


Psalm 119:34

Give us understanding,

too keep Your Word

too observe thoughts

with our whole heart.

Give us insight so we can

do what You tell us.

Grow our obedience into

deeper responsiveness

with You

Clarify Your will

Show us Your ways.

Make us doers of Your Word.

Keep us from just

being hearers.

Deliver us from the

self deception of being

superficial hearers

We don’t want just

pretentious head knowledge.

Give us practical heart

knowledge in living

interactions with Your


When the Spirit of truth comes,

He will guide us into all the truth

John 16:13


Psalm 119:35

Lead us in the path of

Your Word, for we

delight in it.

Guide us down the road

of Your Word ; we love

traveling Your freeway!

Give us Your perfect

GPS to each individual

step and every correct turn

Help us in navigating our

life and keep us from

haphazardly following

any irrational irritability

Give us Your wisdom for

every move

Surround us with wise

counselors, godly advisers

and compassionate



Psalm 119:36

Incline our heart to Your

testimonies and not to

selfish gain!

Give us a bent for Your


an attraction for Your


Make Your Word more

valuable to us then

piling up monetary loot

Develop in us a love for

Your voice Lord over

our selfish desire

Make Your infinite worth

our focus and not just the

increasing of our net worth

Direct us in sacrificial giving

and deliver us from being

selfish misers

Inspire us in generosity

Cause us to be a great

blessing to all in our

community and environment

Inspire us to be sincere

and genuine so others

will realize we really

mean it.


Psalm 119:37

Turn away our eyes from

beholding vanity and

quicken us in Your way.

Divert our eyes from toys

and trinkets,

invigorate us in a

disciplined life.

Clearly show us what

is right and what You want

Show us how it’s not what

we do

But what you’ve done

for us, in us and what

Your doing through us

Divert us from immersing

ourselves in what You hate

Make us pure in our

thought life

Lead us away from


Put unavoidable checks

in our heart

Turn our eyes away

from worthless frivolity



Psalm 119:38

Establish Your Word to us,

we are devoted to Your

respectful fear.

Affirm your promises to us.

We know You give promises

to all who fear You.

Keep us true to Your promises.

Empower us to keep

Your covenant.

Give us courageous

confidence in our

conquest of Your

promised land for us

Grant us Your victory

and never allow us to

be defeated,

deflated or


Validate our faith with

Your faithfulness


Psalm 119:39

Turn away our reproach

we fear being shamed:

for Your judgments and

decisions are good.

Deflect the harsh words

of our critics we know

what You say is always

so good.

Keep us from the dread

of reproach.

Deliver us from accusations

that wreck our reputation.

But when our character

and person is besmirched

let us lean on Your beauty

Turn our reproach away

through Your Word.

Make us to be above


Protect us from the

accusations of wrongdoing

Give us wisdom and a

prudent response when

attacked by slander

Drench us in Your grace

so that accusations don’t


Enable our lives to deflect

criticism by a good

reputation and You

sterling character.


Psalm 119:40

Behold, we have longed

after Your Word:

help us live in Your


See how hungry we are

for Your counsel;

preserve our life in

Your righteous ways!

Fill us with Your eternal life.

Flood us with Your Spiritual


Pour in us Your Abundant life

Fill us with Your love

and affection for others

Fill us with Your joy and

exuberance about life

Fill us with Your peace and


Make us untroubled, calm

and tranquil

Sometimes we feel like a

small cork in the stormy sea

Sometimes we feel like a

light feather in the raging


Stabilize us with Your voice

Fill us with Your long-suffering

Fill us with Your patient,

Grace us in Your forbearing

Give us the leverage of

tolerance and an

uncomplaining soul

Fill us with Your gentleness

Make us compassionate,

Make us kind, tender and


Father I got so wroth and

find myself easily frustrated

Fill us with Your goodness

Give us a passion to do

what’s right and good

Fill us with Your faith

Make us committed, loyal,

trusting and faithful

Fill us with Your Meekness

Make us undemanding,

easy going, relaxed,

and hassle free to be with,

Deliver us from forcing our

way of life

Fill us with Your temperance

Make us disciplined,

energize us by wisdom

Give us prudence

Make us a shelter of


neighbor-loving and


Please Lord live through

us and make us

life giving energy givers

that are filled with Your

tender love.

Adapted from many influences

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