God restores our soul

When we call and cry to You Lord Jesus,

give us answers. God, take our side!

We’re in a tight place, the pressure is unbearable!

Give us room, we need some space;

We’re in trouble, it goes beyond our wildest imagination!

We feel squeezed from every side:

Pour Your grace all over us! hear us!

We feel like we’re being choked by snakes;

everything is dark and devastating —

how long do we put up with this hateful scorn and these fraudulent lies?

We’re surrounded in the crush by those whose lust is lies!

We feel like this is nothing but a crazed dark illusion?

Look God, You’re our beginning!

We didn’t know real life before we met You.

You chose us, we didn’t choose You.

You make us feel special with Your love!

You have filled us with promises and hope!

We’re complaining to You, let us feel You.

Our mind is spinning, our heart won’t rest.

Our life feels like it’s falling out of control!

God, put our life back together. …

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