Live in God’s Word

The Word of God is alive

and active.

The Word of God is Sharper

than any double-edged sword,

The Word of God penetrates

even to dividing of

soul and spirit,

The Word of God gets into

even the joints and marrow;

The Word of God judges

all the thoughts

and attitudes of our heart

God’s living Word is the

ultimate test of our claims

of faith.

That Word explores all our

Inner motivations,

When we ignore God’s voice

In His Word we know we’ve

turned Our back on the Lord

and His supernatural

determinations and We’re

avoiding Our Lord’s specific

miraculous designs for us

God’s voice through His Word

is “quick” (alive as a living force)

God’s voice through His Word

is powerful

God’s voice through His Word

sharper than any twoedged


God’s voice through His Word

Is piercing and His Spirit

penetrates deep even to

the dividing assunder of

soul and spirit,

and of the joints and marrow,

and is a discerner of our

thoughts and our intentions

in the inner being

of our heart”

God’s Word cuts right through

all claims and profession

of faith,

God’s voice through His Word

strips away that which is

merely natural from that

which is truly spiritual.

A person may weep

A person may shout their


But all our emotions may be

carnal just as easily as spiritual.

God’s Word divides between the

soul (our carnal expressions)

and the spirit.

(Christ’s Spirit living through us)

John Phillips notes:

We can have a thorough grasp

of Bible truth

We can be a walking

encyclopedia of scriptural

knowledge and yet not be


A person may have a strong

will and determine that they

are never going to indulge

again in a questionable

habit and carry out their resolve,

but that does not prove them


It is only the Word of God,

brought to bear on the issues

of our life, through bowing our

heart in meditation and prayer

over God’s Word.

And gather with others around

Scripture as each fellow

member of Christ’s body

supplies transforming

insights from God’s Word

that this exposure to Christ’s

voice in His Word impacts

us with life change.

This reveals what is carnal

and what is spiritual.

It is a “discerner”

a critic of the thoughts

and intents of our heart.

As we read, listen and

prayerfully meditate over

the Word of God,

it probes into the inner

recesses of our beings

and explores all our motives.

The Word exposes all humanity.

“Neither is there any creature

that is not manifest in

God’s sight:

but all things are naked and

all things are opened before

the eyes of God with whom

we have to do”

The word opens and is

literally the means

“to have our throat exposed”

This is a pictures of a throat

exposed to the slash of a


This is the exposure of laying

naked on a surgical table

for corrective surgery

We need to have total exposure

and vulnerability to God and

His Word!

God is preeminent,

Christ by His Spirit through

His Word is able to do what

neither Moses nor Joshua

could do:

Jesus is able to bring His

people into genuine rest

because He is a superior

Savior and because the

provisions of salvation

available through God’s Word

are superior to anything

found in all other education

and instruction.

It is imperative that we make

sure of our salvation and

that our true and only

Lord and Savior is revealed

through exposure to God’s


What a tragedy to be found

to be a phony professors

and not a saved follower

of Christ.

We must take to heart

the example of the Israelites

who, although saved and

separated from Egypt,

they never entered into the

promised land and missed

God’s rest.

God expects us to live out

all He has for us in Christ.

This is lived into us by

exposing our heart to the

piercing sword of God’s Word,

We need God’s surgical sword

to find us out

are we mere pretender?

are we deceived?

are we walking in the flesh?

are we turning our back on God?

have we jumped off the surgical


Have we run out of the room

of exposure and change?

Are we hiding in the dark?

Or are we coming to the

transforming light of truths


Are we walking in the Spirit to

be filled abundantly with God’s

Word and Spirit for Christ’s


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