He feels our pain

Prayer isn’t manipulating God’s

reluctance but seizing on His


He implores us to verbalize our

trust in Him.

An attitude of silence reveals

a disconnect of doubt toward

His loving care.

God answers our prayers not

based on our perfections.

He cares for us based on our

imperfections and total need of


We come to Him in our insecurity.

We come to Him in our weakness.

We come to Him in our pleading cries.

We don’t know what is best.

But we yield to Him knowing

He is the only One that has our best

In a contagious world, we naturally

keep our distance.

If we get too close to those who

are suffering, we might get infected

by their pain. It‘s not convenient or

comfortable to cope with others

hurts, and loses.

Gratefully Jesus is not that way.

He is full of grace

He comes close to us.

It’s only when we get close enough

to catch others hurt that they will

be close enough to catch Jesus

love and grace in us

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