Are We Stupid enough to pray?

If Prayer isn’t practical,

is it stupid to pray?

Really, talking

to an invisible being

appears a little absurd!

Oswald Sanders wrote

“until we do see that prayer

is stupid,

stupid from the ordinary, natural,

common sense point of view,

we will never pray.”

But do we believe

in what Jesus says He will do.

It sounds stupid,

but it is a stupidity based

on His redemption.

Praying is based

on our constant need of a Savior!

So what moment in the day is it

When we don’t need to be saved?

So what moment in the day is it

When we don’t need a Savior?

Jesus says: without faith

it’s impossible to please Me.

Why would we want

to purposely displease Jesus?

Isn’t He the source of everything?

And, isn’t prayer

the expression of our faith in Him?

Do we believe that He’s

the rewarder

of all who diligently seek Him?

To diligently seek means

we’re constantly gathering

information about God.

We get our information

from His voice.

And He speaks in His Word.

Really a disinterest in Jesus,

where we’re detached

from His expressions,

apathetic to speaking to Him

and indifferent and bored

by His Word

is an indication of no faith.

Aren’t we stupid enough

to believe what Jesus says.

We have to be a child!

When Jesus

Abruptly broke into prayer

He said:

Thank you, Father,

Lord of heaven and earth.

You’ve concealed Your ways

from sophisticates

You’ve hidden Your ways

from know-it-alls,

but You’ve spelled them out

clearly to babies

(the untaught and the simple)

Yes, Father,

that’s the way you like to work.

It’s the stupid

who are looked down on

It’s us stupid one’s

who believe in prayer.

Faith proves

we have more confidence

in His eyesight over our eyesight

There’s a simplicity about God

in working out His plans,

yet a resourcefulness

equal to any difficulty,

“There’s unswerving faithfulness

to be His trusting child,

There’s unforgetting steadiness

in holding to His purpose.

It’s safe to trust God’s methods

and to live by His clock.”

S. D. Gordon.

“God has a thousand keys

to open a thousand doors

for the deliverance of His own,

even when it‘s impossible

even when it‘s a desperate case”

George MacDonald.

We do our part by trusting prayer

Difficulty is the very atmosphere

of all miracles —

A problem is a miracle

in its first stages.

If it is to be a great miracle,

the condition is not difficulty

but impossibility.


The clinging hand of His child

makes a desperate situation

a delight to God our Father.

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