I love the book of Revelation

Over the years I’ve read it over and over.

One time a friend of mine and I read it together all the way through out loud.

It was 1974. We were in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We were both in an internship at a local church.

He read a few verses then I’d read a few verses.

It only takes about 40 minutes to do the entire book out loud.

We had a growing mutual enthusiasm as we read louder and louder.

It is an inspiring account.

There’s a spirit of pathos that washes through you as you read Revelation.

The book of Revelation is a dynamic voyage.

It is vibrant literature and a captivating odyssey.

God wins.

Christ triumphs.

Righteousness prevails.

Satan loses.

Sorrow, sickness, and death disappear.

A new heaven and earth emerge from destructive forces

God wipes away all tears from our eye.

This book fills us with hope!

Revelation says, despite what happens in this life—

no matter how discouraging the world appears

No matter how complicated and knotty our life is—

life in Christ has an amazingly joyful ending.

When heartache beats us up and stresses us totally out,

we anticipate a the brilliant dazzling consummation

Our surroundings are far from the last chapter

There’s a phenomenal new story that will never end.

It’s an eternal story with a message of fantastic purport

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain”

“Give Him all the Glory”

Jesus is on the threshold of a mighty, spectacular return

It’s hard to wait any longer

Please come back right now Lord!!!

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