Give and it will be given

“God is working out

His eternal purpose,

in spite of human resistance

and in the face

of satanic opposition,

but miraculously

by means of them.”

A.W. Pink

Our God has a method in providence

Our Lord can succeed our endeavours

beyond our expectation,

Strange as it appears

He defeats our plans

and we feel the panic

It’s confusing and unsettling;

Then God turns through His hand

He steers us to a profitable path,

But He also can disrupt with

our insufficiency and inadequacy.

God enriches the liberal

But withholding causes scarcity

Generosity brings joy,

Kindness results in prosperity.

The liberal giver gains wealth

beyond expectation;

stinginess can make cranky cheap’s

being tight degenerates to poverty

Spurgeon noted

“The giver receives

larger and larger sums,

As the Lord gives by truckloads

to those who give by baskets.

Where wealth is not awarded

Jesus makes the little much

by His contentment given”

Give us the feelings

of a set apart heart

Let us dedicate every

portion back to You Lord

Our little offering

You multiply exponentially.

Selfishness invests in us,

godliness seeks first Your kingdom

self-seeking is loss,

godliness is great gain.

It’s by faith we act towards You

with an open heart and free hand,

but You Lord Jesus

deserve it of us;

The most we can do

and the best we can give

is a very poor appreciation

of our amazing indebtedness

to You O God’s

In Your generous goodness to us.

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