Participating In Providence

Our prayers don’t obstruct God’s providence.

Gods plans are what He’s predetermined

God’s designs and methodical unfolding

are what He prompts us to pray about.

Prayer is our means to Gods end.

Prayer is what we do to open our lives to what God desires to do.

Through meditating on Gods Word we can hear His living voice.

His voice is alive and powerful,

His voice is sharp and piercing

As we pray Gods Word He performs His will

The initiative is of God

It is of God’s own [free] will that He gave us birth

[as sons] by [His] Word of Truth James 1:18 | AMP

The response is from us through our prayers

Prayer is our reply to God’s asking us to seek His face and presence

Praying is our receiving of what God has determined to do for us

Jesus is always knocking at our hearts door.

He’s constantly wants access to our inner person.

God sought our first parents as they hid in the bushes

(to flush them out of their unresponsive seclusion)

So God reaches out to us for an intimate individual relationship.

We’re exhorted don’t refuse Him.

We receive Him as our royal guest,

We receive Him as our deepest friend

We receive Him as our constant companion.

And we listen to Him in His word

as He listens to us in our praying His word

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