It’s getting deep

Make this idea of You selecting a path for us, where we discover we are out of our depth to be exhilarating

Don’t let us feel overwhelmed with the crushing waves

Embolden us to step ahead

Lead us in knowing that we can’t succeed unless we have God’s help.

We read that the prayer of faith subdues kingdoms,

We read that it’s by faith that righteousness is wrought (constructed) in us

We read that it’s through faith that the promises from You, God are achieved,

We read that we can stop the mouths of lions by faith,

Then we read that the violence of fire can be extinguished by faith in our Your power Lord,

We read that we through faith escape the edge of the sword,

Faith is how we’re made strong in our weakness

Faith is how we wax valiant in fight,

Faith is how we chase away and turn to flight the armies of the aliens.

Secure our minds in that reality that faith worked out by prayer is where it’s at.

We hear that without faith it’s impossible to please You God

Deliver us from being slaves to pleasing people

Don’t let people be too big while we let You our God be too Small;

Rescue us from a self-centered warped perspective

Don’t let the approval of others in our lives be so weighty and threatening

You Lord Jesus are our great Creator,

You Lord Jesus are our great Redeemer,

You Lord Jesus are our great Judge

Be always in our focus

Don’t let people

Don’t let circumstances

Don’t let obstacles

Don’t let our past failures control us


Let us grow in faith

Let us be devoted to learning the prayer of faith

Let us let You, God, be our God

Cause everything to shrink in our heart as You embrace us in Your


Melt us in Your enabling grace as we put everything at every moment in Your mighty hand

We humble ourselves in Your loving arms

We will exalt Your timing

Please relax us in Your schedule

Fill us with Your calming and please Lord Jesus carry us through

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