Nothing is impossible to us Mt. 17:20

When we take God seriously

The simple truth is
that a mere kernel of faith,
a miniature poppy seed of trust,

This measure of confidence in God

Let’s us tell any mountain:

Move!’ and it will move.

There’s nothing we can’t face

We can tackle everything

It is possible!
We can reckon on God’s power

Our Lord will keep us
Our Lord will deliver us
Our Lord will give us the victory

His promises are our stand

His assurances are our treasure

We cast all our care on Him daily
He faithfully carries our burden
We enjoy deep peace in Him

Jesus purifies our thoughts
Jesus fills our imaginations
Christ’s words impact our thoughts with deep meaning

We can see God’s will in everything We receive it:
our sighing is lifted to singing.

In a remix of H. C. G. Moule:

“It is possible:
as we take complete refuge
in Divine power
to become strong
through and through;

It is possible:
where previously in our greatest weakness,
to find that things that upset us

The stuff that blocked our resolves to be patient,

The stuff that obstructed our desire to be pure,

The stuff that hampered our longing to be humble,

Are all transformed into opportunities—

through Christ who loves us

through God’s Spirit who works in us our agreement with His will

As our Father blesses us with a sense of His presence

As He motivates us with Jesus resurrection power—

We get new life from our surrounding death

Our attraction to Christ
is an experience of His life

His life makes sin powerless over us.

These things are divine possibilities
This is His Spirits work,
We experience His healing
We feel His empowering touch
We bow lower and lower at His feet
We learn of Him
We thirst and long for more of Christ

Jesus is the only one who satisfies each day, each hour, each moment,

In Christ, through the power of the His Spirit—we walk with God.”

McLaren notes:

We have as much of God as we desire.
Christ puts the key of the treasure-chamber into our hand,
Jesus bids us take all that we want.

If we are admitted into the gold bullion vault of a bank and we’re told to help ourselves

If we come out with one cent,
whose fault is it that we are poor?

Whose fault is it that we generally have such scanty portions of the free riches of God?

God fills our cup to overflowing

Bring a bigger mug each moment
He fills every vessel.

Bring more vessels.

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