Give us eyes

“And there came a lion.”

1 Sam. 17:34

It is a source of inspiration and strength to come in touch with David, trusting God.

Through faith in God David conquered a lion and a bear,

and afterwards God used David to overthrow a giant problem, Goliath.

When that lion came to ravage the flock,

David viewed it as a wonderful opportunity

He could have failed by fear and missed God’s opportunity for him

But He was by faith made bold

“”And there came a lion.”

The lion was a special blessing

from God;

The lion was God’s opportunity

in disguise.

Every difficulty we have, is God’s opportunity.

Every temptation that comes is God’s opportunity.

When our “lion” comes,

We’re to recognize it as God’s opportunity

Faith doesn’t recoil at the terror of the roaring exterior.

God’s tabernacle was covered with badgers’ skins and goats’ hair;

How can a rough hairy exterior

have God’s glory disguised?

The Shekinah of God is hidden under all kinds of covering.

God please open our eyes to see You under every grizzly challenge

Lord God let us have

an eye of faith on Your power

in every temptation,

in every trials,

in every dangers,

in every misfortunes

in every weakness


God You Alone Can Save

Give us eyes to see

O Lord, we’re insufficient

You are all-sufficient

We feel inadequate

You are completely adequate

We have to have Your intervention

Not just here and there

But constantly

Intervene for us

please help

You can pierce the scales

of the monstrous ones

You can get under the thick

impenetrable skin of Leviathan

Penetrate everything that

appears impenetrable

You can make us feel

all that You desire us to feel

You can speak to a grave

You can call out to the dead

to come to life

You can speak to rocks

You can bring praise

from hard hearts

You can lecture the mountains

and they skip like Rams

the little hills like Lambs

You can move them

You move us where You want

You can move anyone with arguments

You can make the blind see

You, Lord, can pierce

our hearts the sinner

Penetrate our hearts Lord

You can direct an arrow between

the cracks of our armor

Direct us with truth

Cut deep into our bone and marrow

You are the God of all armies

We come through David against Goliath

We come to wrestle,

not with flesh and blood

You wrestle through us

with the raging rulers

and cosmic powers

You wrestle through us

with spiritual forces

of the evil of this world

Lord defeat the wicked one

Lord, take away the armor

from the strong man

Lord give us the captives

out of Satans grasp

Lord, choose our words

Lord, skill us in the use

of Your weapons

Lord, pierce below

our resistant surface

Lord, cut to the heart

Lord, take all opposition down

We will pray until You hear us

We will pray until our loved ones

live in Your sight!

Lord, save them, or they will perish

Our hearts are crushed

if our loved ones

are endlessly lost

Lord, have compassion,

Lord, save us out of the burning

Put your powerful voice forth

and the work will be done

Slay our sin and save our soul

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