Faith looks and sees

Samuel Rutherford wrote

“When we know where we’re headed we shouldn’t worry about our limp”

Keep moving forward step by step

We go up by faith daily and see the place Christ is preparing for us.

Look through all our Father’s

rooms in heaven.

In our Father’s house are many dwelling places.”

When we purchase a place we shop first, we’re looking before we buy

But Christ has purchased for us already a mansion in His ivory


But He asks us to come and see,

by faith,

See the mansions prepared

See the person who made them

See the work He’s done

See the costs He’s paid

for our new place

We go and see as often as we want

A. B. SIMPSON notes

“Faith doesn’t concern itself

with our limitations”

Faith doesn’t worry over obstacles

Faith let’s Jesus live through our handicaps

Faith let’s Jesus use our pain

Faith sees Jesus in the places He

has us in

It’s not about what we are in ourselves

It’s about who we are in Jesus

“God reveals what a great God

He is for us.”

He asks us to open our eyes to see Him in everything…

The more we get from God,

the bigger beggars we are

And the greater our Father is

in all He provides

We’re to see His hand of provision

He’s opened His hand with gifts

Our Lord puts us in a position

where we have to take everything from His resources

God is disappointed

when we fail to do so.

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