I John 1:5 God is Light / Life’s Illumination

I John 1:5 God is Light / Life’s Illumination

Complying To A Directive v.5-7

 The Message v.5

Give us constant clarity in what you’re saying to us

The Content                        This then is the message

The Clarity                          which we have heard of him

Gather our thoughts and expressions to emanate Your truth in up to the minute communication that touches the heart and reaches the life

The Call                                     and declare unto you,

Radiate your light to us, in us and through us

The Manifesto

A Revealer of Integrity         that God is light,

Define through our lives the supremacy of Your character

A Revealer of Infinity            and in him

Deploy through our hearts prayers infinite possibilities

Demonstrate how we can do all things through Christ

A Revealer of Indiscretion    is no darkness at all

Develop in us transparency and a moment by moment interaction in your presence


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