6. Eph.6:11 Battling Spiritually and Clashing with the Unseen part 6

Battling Spiritually and Clashing with the Unseen part 6

Ephesians 6:10-18 Be Invincible In Battle


  Our Preparation

Be a Finisher                                                      Finally

Be a Family                                                         my brethren

Be a Fighter

          Our Attire Christ’s Strength                      be strong

Our Approval Christ’s Life                        in the Lord

Our Ability Christ’s Energy                       in the power

Our Ascendancy Christ’s Capability      of his might

Our Protection

Be a Force

         Our Array Christ’s Clothing                  Put on

To “put on” is a command of action; it’s an undertaking, a personal endeavor.  We’re to invest ourselves with the qualities of Christ. This is a vital imperative, and a fundamental necessity.  If we fail to be alert to our provisions in Christ we’ll nose dive from the weakness of exposure. He is the only garment that works for every need.

What does it mean to put on Christ?  We know how to put on our clothes.  The way we dress usually defines us.  We may follow a certain style, and we dress for various activities.  If it’s hot we dress with light clothing and in the winter we bundle up.

We’re to put on the Lord Jesus Christ; because when we’re fragile, when we’re breakable and insecure we need to put on the strength of Jesus.

When we’re pushed down, feel bad about ourselves and rejected, allow Christ to be our righteousness.  Put on the new nature He has made in us.

When we’re stumbled into self-centered pride and drugged with self-occupation of demanding our rights.  We need to put on serving others in love, put on the attitude of Christ, and let His mind of humility be our motivation.

When we stumble into imitating those that reject God and start conforming to worldly schemes, we must clothe in our Lord the perfect overcomer.  Jesus says, be of good cheer I’ve overcome the world.

When we’re guilty, accused by our failures and feel flooded with blame and reproach; put on the compassionate forgiveness of the advocacy of Jesus for His continuous merciful understanding.

If we’re draped in strife, wrapped in discord, bound in contention and conflict, we are in need to put on the patience and the tolerant forbearance of Christ.  Put on the durable covering of Jesus love, which covers all offenses against us.

When we’re lonely, deserted and feeling discarded, we can only find our comfort in putting on Jesus who has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Awake, awake put on your strength put on your beautiful garment Isaiah 52: 1

In the background Isaiah 52, we see historically the Israelis in a tyrannical captivity, as a result of turning their back on a relationship with God.  But the Lord, in His mercy, is bringing them back to rebuild their lives and their land.

This was to be realized initially in the time of Isaiah as He prophetically presented the future of the time of captivity was nearing an end, for these people he ministered to.

The ultimate fulfillment though is to be seen in the millennial reign of the Messiah at the close of the tribulation captivity of suffering and oppression.

For us today, we’re responsible to wake up, and wise up to be jarred to alertness. We have to arouse to where our strength and beauty are to be put on, worn and experienced.  We are to work out our own salvation and embrace our beautiful dress in Christ.

Romans 13:14 implores us to:

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill destructive desires.

If we provide for the twists of our lower nature, deviance becomes our clothing and this pushes into a drift away from the Lord.

We have to get out of the bed of drowsy irresponsibility, get outfitted and dressed in the garments of Jesus Christ, allow our living to be a existence of His life in us!

We can’t dawdle around in idleness.  We can’t lurk around loitering in the shadows of a grey haze land.  We can’t just indifferently shove Jesus aside expecting to yoyo around leaving Him behind until the last minute.

The responsible thing is to wake up to Jesus, to be alert to all we have in Him, and to dress ourselves in Christ, to make Him the center of everything.

Jesus is our reality; He is our ultimate need and our highest importance.  We need to value our Lord as the finest of attire. He is our premium of apparel.

Our caution is we have to throw off the cloak of rags of humanities darkness and obscurity.  We zealously need to reject any enabling of the egocentric lack of consideration, which tries to cloak us in its ugly shreds and scraps.

We should be dressed from head to toe with Jesus.  We can’t allow one stich of self-life attire in our wardrobe.

Put on God’s complete armor so that you can successfully resist all the devil’s methods of attack.

Envelop us in the enhancements of Your fashionable garb

Robe us in Your elegance of strength and enable us In our weakness to consistently depend on You our Defender. Grace us with the favor of Your presence in each of our personal disadvantages, shortcomings and inadequacies.

Give creativity in our unfavorable circumstances.

When Grief and sorrow overtake us we are to put on our Lord who has born our grief and carried our sorrows.  He came to Adam and Eve in their nakedness and He comes to each of us to clothe us in Himself.  He allows our heartbreaks and disappointments for the purpose that we might find our all in Him.

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