1 John 1:1-4 God is Light is Real Life’s Initiation

1 John 1:1-4 God is Light is Real Life’s Initiation

The Authenticity of Light 

Thank you that we’re your delight from the beginning of time & that your design

is to connect in a close intimacy with us

The Commencement of a Close Connection

 1. Our Encounter v.1                            That which was

Life’s Permanence                          from the beginning (Jesus has always existed)

Thank you that you’re always speaking to us continually inviting our enjoyment of

your presence

Initiated by Ear Comprehension     which we have heard (we have heard His voice)

Thank you for your audible unveiling & patterns of revelation

Informed by Eye Consideration     which we have seen  (we have seen His face)

Thank you for your visual disclosures

Thank you for the aware alertness of your Spirits promptings

Insight by the Spirit Conviction   which we have looked upon (we study Him always)

Thank you that you invite us to handle you and see

Infiltration to the Senses Contact      and our hands have handled (He touches us)

Thank you for the illuminating individualization of your voice to us in the specifics of

our life through your word

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