1. Habakkuk 1 The Embrace Of Faith part 1

Habakkuk 1   The Embrace Of Faith  part 1 

Habakkuk in the Hebrew means to join together, a special knot, to clinch, clasp, cuddle and embrace.  What a fitting name for a prophet whose name illustrates faith at work, in the trenches of life’s battles, as he reaches out in a prayerful grip, grasping the Lord.

 Pressure Creates Prayer v.1-17  

Liberate us to a persistent prayer companionship with You Lord 

The pressures and stresses of life can do one of two things in us. These demanding burdens we each face, can either trigger a collapse into bitter resentment, caustic cynicism and irritable reactions.  Or on the other end of the spectrum they can activate Spirit filled responses.

It’s in the liabilities of affliction that we’re shut up to God in a celebration of worship, gratitude and bold faith through persistent prayer companionship with the Lord.

The Personality Of Faith v.1 (Faith’s Intricacies)

Form the prevailing personality of the energy of faith 

The fight of faith is to grapple with the complexities and difficulties in our own life and the complicating snags of others perplexities with an attitude to conquer and triumph in God’s gracious favor and salvation solutions.

Encouraged With Crushing   The burden

Demonstrate to us how weakening blows develop strong faith

A burden, in Hebrew, is defined as a prophetic utterance, a word from the Lord, the fitting direction for the specific challenge.

A burden is a prompting of the Spirit, as we connect with God, becoming a channel of His provision for the conditions He has brought us into.  Often this burden comes through the weights of hardship He allows into our life to lift us up to seek His comfort through interactive contact with Him.

Entwined With Clinging          which Habakkuk

Habakkuk means clinging.  Keep us clinging to You.

Faith grows as we entwine ourselves around the Lord.  We swell in trust as we allow His Spirit to interweave His strength in us.  Jesus achieves this in us, frequently by exposing our weakness through impossible incongruities and absurd incompatibilities.  It’s the irreconcilable conflicts that drive us to cling to Him.

Enthralled With Clarity          prophet did see. 

Shackle us to a visual security of Your strengthening sovereignty 

Clarity and transparency become the end product as our comprehension is fascinated in the sovereign strengthening of God with us and in us.  He is fitting us for His purpose and plan.

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