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Revelation 4:1-2 (part 4)

Revelation 4:1-2 (part 4)  THE RAPTURE V. 1-2 A TIME SEQUENCE V.1  After this A TRUTH SEEN              I looked, and, behold, A TRESHOLD SECURED   a door was opened in heaven A TRUMPET SOUND      and the first voice which I heard … Continue reading

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11. The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Phil. (part10) PRAYERS PETITIONS V.9-11 INCREASED LOVE V.9 ENCUMBERED          And this What are our prayer burdens?  What keeps coming up in our heart as an encumbrance and inconvenience that … Continue reading

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9. The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Philippians (part8) PRAYERS PASSION V.8 A STABLE FACT            For God is my record, Validation, commendation, there’s a natural urge to want the endorsement of others.  We’d like the highest … Continue reading

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Is It Difficult to Trust God Psalms 3:3

Is It Difficult to Trust God Psalms 3:3       Our Trust  Our Protection         But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me;  There is a shift of focus in Psalms 3, from being smothered in problems to being surrounded … Continue reading

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1. Habakkuk 1 The Embrace Of Faith part 1

Habakkuk 1   The Embrace Of Faith  part 1  Habakkuk in the Hebrew means to join together, a special knot, to clinch, clasp, cuddle and embrace.  What a fitting name for a prophet whose name illustrates faith at work, in the trenches … Continue reading

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