9. The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Philippians (part8) PRAYERS PASSION V.8

9. The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Philippians (part8)


A STABLE FACT            For God is my record,

Validation, commendation, there’s a natural urge to want the endorsement of others.  We’d like the highest approval rating, and beam at an appearance of having stellar recommendations.  Why not, it feels neat to dream of a bevy of star-studded admirers.

But wouldn’t it be enough to assert that God is our record?

The word “record” is the Greek term (martus mou) from which we derive the term martyr.  This is the picture of extreme backing and tremendous intense validation.  Sounds a little weird that someone would back us so strong, but that’s the gist of the phrase, “For God is my record”

Can it be any sturdier then to claim that our authenticity is based on the God of eternity?  But what is God authenticating about Paul?

A SINCERE FIXATION        how greatly I long after you all

Paul is making a bold claim of the genuine reality of his deep compassion.  He’s saying the Lord knows how I feel for others.

“Epipotheo” is the Greek term for the phrase “greatly I long”

“Epi” is where we get the word epic or great.

“Potheo” is pathos, deep compassionate feeling for others.

A SENSITIVE FEELING     in the bowels of Jesus Christ

Bowels are a strange choice of words, other translations render this affection, but this is not just any affection.  This is the deep tender affection of Jesus Christ

Paul was saying an amazing thing in claiming the very compassionate mercy of Jesus was flowing in his heart for others.

Do we yearn over others in the deep feelings of Jesus?  Do we crave their best; covet every blessing and gift possible from the courts of Heaven for them?  Do we desire, beg, implore and hanker for the hand of God in their very souls? Do our hearts cry as God’s Spirit releases the feelings of Jesus in us for them?

Paul’s heart was in tempo and felt the pulse of Jesus’s heart.  This is what prayer persistence for the heart needs of others involves.

In the Memoirs of R.M. McCheyne he journals his cry:

“Oh, when will I plead, with my tears and inward yearnings, over others? Oh, compassionate Lord; give me to know what manner of spirit I am of! Give me Your gentle Spirit, that strives and cries for others.  I’m weary, of my prayerlessness, my want of cleaving to Christ.”

Catherin of Siena who wrote A Treatise of Prayer, in the 1300s, wrote:

“They made themselves infirm with those who were infirm, so that all who are frail might not be overcome with despair, and to give them more courage in exposing their infirmity, they would lend countenance to their infirmity and say, ‘I, too, am infirm with you!’

“They wept with those who wept, and rejoiced with those who rejoiced; and thus sweetly they knew to give every one his nourishment, preserving the good and rejoicing in their virtues, not being gnawed by envy, but expanded with the broadness of love for their neighbors.

“They drew the inadequate ones out of their inadequacy, themselves becoming deficient and infirm with them.  This is compassion; this is enduring love, for through love, we bare the pain of others.”

Jesus explains in Matthew 25:35-40 how He feels the hungers of others.

“I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in; naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; I was in prison, and you came unto me”



Are we feeling others’ feelings of emptiness?


Are we feeling others’ feelings of rejection, rebuff, refusal and strangeness?


Are we feeling others’ feelings of devastation, exposure, and public humiliation (naked and unclothed)


Are we feeling others’ feelings of sickness, and the sting of their overwhelming, crushing endless pain?


Are we feeling others’ feelings of slavery as they’re punched and punished behind the prison bars of hopeless injustices?

In caring for others are we loving Christ and letting Jesus love others through our feelings and prayers for them?

Prayers Petitions v.9-11

Increased Love v.9    And this I pray, that your Love may abound yet more and more

Improved Learning

      Comprehension      in knowledge

      Capacity                 and in all judgment;

Insightful Living v.10

      Approval                 That ye may approve  

      Advisability             things that are excellent;

 Indisputable Legitimacy

      Sincere                    that ye may be sincere

      Sensitive                 and without offence till the day of Christ

   Imbued Light v.11

      Controlled              Being filled with the fruits of righteousness

      Christ like              which are by Jesus Christ,

      Commendable       unto the glory and praise of God.

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  1. wwjsent says:

    I love the historicity. Keep the knowledge flowing!

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