OUR BEGGING  Hear me when I call,
Cause us to feel You on our side in every circumstance & condition
OUR BOAST        O God of my righteousness
Influence every thought that we might live in the reality of our perfect position in You
OUR BLESSING You have enlarged me when I was in distress
Reveal Your purpose in tight spots & stressful situations & settings
OUR BURDEN have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.
Allow an experience of mercy upon mercy, pour Your infinite compassion all around our life & give us the constant sensation of Your listening ear & caring heart.

In a severe personal storm we feel alone, afraid and assaulted with doubts and fears. I can feel surrounded in the storm and high waves of doubt.

I doubt God’s sovereign working in my life for our good. I sink lower and lower into a swamp of anxiety that everything is going to detonate into a total mess.

I doubt God’s shepherding care and concern. I question that He’s paying attention. I feel uncertain that He really cares about me and my concerns. Suddenly I’m not so sure about His authenticity of involvement in anything in my life.

I feel uncertain in God’s super-abundant power and ability for every situation. I feel like He’s got better things to do then care about my insignificant issues.

I’m wobbly in what decisions to make and what direction to take. God’s ample supply for every need that I have seems to elude the grasp of my heart.
I question God’s ever present help in time of trouble and the validity of His voice in His Word and His listening ears to my pray is skeptically doubted.

But You Lord Jesus have enlarged me when I was in distress…
In these tight places You Jesus give me space and room to relax. Thank you for having mercy on me and hearing my prayer.

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