Peace in the Ebb & Flow of Battles

We don’t get peace & security

by eliminating our enemies.

When we face Intense opposition it’s frustrating

But our lives are riddled with

the ebb & flow of constant battles

We don’t find peace through less battles

We get peace & security by trusting in Jesus.

There are always enemies

There are those we thought were are friends

Who suddenly turn against us

But in time God will stop

The spreading of lies.

For a season they deceive.


Our enemies are Gods foes & He will battle for us.

We cry to the LORD

and He hears us

We slept; we awake; because the LORD sustains us.

We won’t fear ten thousand people,

that are against us

Even if they surround us

O LORD; save us,

O our God:

Please slap our enemies on their cheek bone;

Would You please

break the teeth of God rejectors

Take their mouth

This defiling receptacle of vile noise

And crush their polluting noise to nothing

Salvation belongs to You LORD:

Place Your blessing on us. You’ve promised Your blessings are on us!!!

Psalms 3:4-8 paraphrased

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