Ask For Help

It is hard to ask for help.

It’s difficult to admit our brokenness.

It’s hard to accept help,

We live in an individualistic society,

We think we can make it on our own.

But actually we can’t manage alone.

Yes, it is hard to open ourselves up

There’s the potential of rejection

There’s the possibility of ridicule.

And still it’s hard to accept the help

even when help is gladly, openly, freely given.

It is humbling.

Our pride is dented.

The façade we have so carefully constructed is cracked,

Then what about our reputation of independence

Is it shattered irreparably?

It needs to be

Being helpless is a beautiful thing.

God designed us to be helpless.

Being helpless is part of growing.

Being helpless is the doorway to salvation



Is the golden key to prayer

Crying for help is a simplistic prayer

Why not be simple

The LORD preserves the simple:

I was brought low,

and he helped me.

Psalms 116:6

The sorrows of death surrounded us,

The pain of hell held us tight:

We found nothing but trouble & sorrow.

Then we called

We called on the name of the LORD;

O LORD, we beg You,

deliver our soul.

You are full of grace LORD,

You are righteous; yea,

You are merciful.

O my soul; for our LORD deals bountifully with us.

You deliver our soul from death,

You deliver our eyes from tears,

You deliver our feet from falling.

We will walk before the LORD in the land of the living.

Psalms 116:3-8

The Lord is our helper

O God

Surround us with those who support our soul

Psalms 54:4

Hear us, O LORD & have mercy on us!

O LORD, be our helper.

Psalm 30:10

Lord! You have promised!

That the arms of the wicked will be broken,

So yes! Break their arms.

but You LORD uphold & protect us

who want what’s right & good

Psalm 37:17

Lord! You promised!

That even when we stumble & fall,

We will not be overwhelmed,

for You LORD are holding our hand.

Psalm 37:24

Lord! You help & deliver us;

You rescue & save us from the wicked liars,

because we take refuge in You.

We find our help in You

Psalms 37:40

The LORD is with us; He is our helper.

Therefore we will look in triumph

At those who hate us.

Psalm 118:7

Our Lord keeps saying!

Do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be afraid, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you;

I will surely help you;

I will hold on to you

with My right hand of righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10

God will give us strength.

God will help us.

God will hold us & give us stability

We love His firm grip

We love His tender voice

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