We Are Unrestricted Through Prayer

I will go before you & make the crooked places straight:

I will break in pieces the gates of brass & cut apart the bars of iron:

And I will give you the treasures of darkness & hidden riches of secret places, that you will know that I,

the LORD, which calls you by your name, am God

Isaiah 45:2-3

God is taming the nations,

God is terrifying their kings—

God has given us a direct connection

to His throne through prayer

Through God In prayer

We are unrestricted:

We can clear & pave the road.

We can break down the resistance,

We can smash the locks,

We can kick down barred entrances.

Our Lord leads us to His buried treasures,

Our Lord opens to us His secret caches of valuables—

He assures us by calling us by our name

This is amazing individualized intimacy.

God is here,

His presence surrounds us

He who fills the expanse of vastness

has come down to us where we are

We bow at His feet & speak to Him. . . .

It’s not our idea it’s His

How amazing that He wants to be with us

We pour out our desires to Him

He wants all our aches & impossible longings

Not one syllable from our lips escapes His ear.

We speak to him as we would talk to our closest friend

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