Let the Word of Christ— drench our entire lives.

Let it fill & have the run of the soul of our house.

Give it plenty of space.

Let every room in our lives be its dwelling & occupation.

Col. 3:16

Is it possible to plunge our whole heart into God’s Word.

Is it achievable for our minds to be asoak in the sounds of God’s voice all day.

Is it an impossible goal to Thoroughly bathe ourselves in the texts of Scripture

Can we actually Let it be sucked up into our very soul.

Is it within our reach to Allow it to saturate our hearts!

Charles Spurgeon wrote

Reading many books doesn’t always make us learned.

But if we read three or four books over & over, they will be mastered by us.

Or, better yet, their contents will master us & will give us flavors from above.

We must set our hearts on God’s Word!

It is the only way to know it thoroughly:

let our whole nature be plunged into it

Potentially we should let our entire being be submerged in God as a cloth into a dye.

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