No charges

Who will bring a charge against God’s elect?

God is the one who justifies;

who is the one who condemns?

—Romans 8:33–34

So, is God really on our side?

Since He is, we can’t lose!

Sure, but if He’s for us, why do ugly things get

heaped on us from unusual sources?

Could there be a plan to it all?

If God didn’t hesitate to pay such a steep price for us then what’s it all about?

He has embraced our condition & exposing Himself to the worst in us!

He did it all by sending Jesus for us! Is there anything else he wouldn’t do for us?

Now who would dare tangle with God by messing with one of God’s chosen?

Who would attempt even to point a finger at us since He’s our Father?

Will, unfortunately lots of people. It’s been boiling over since the beginning of time.

We are seasoning through these awkward measures & it take time to get ripe.

Situation can fester & appear to be going in a weird direction.

Actually crazy getting crazier can be answered prayers.

Jesus is sticking up for us!

Nothings going to drive a wedge between us & Christ’s love for us?

There is no way that stuff coming our direction isn’t filtered through His sovereign love! Even the hard times, the slander, the misrepresentations & the hatred.

What about the strange backstabbing?

Could it be God is teaching us to just to trust Him?

Could it be He’s showing us we’re sitting ducks until He sorts it all out?

The fantastic thing is none of this fazes us because Jesus loves for us is so awesome!

The fact that Jesus our Master embraces us in some supernatural & amazing ways is worth the odd times where rejection & ridicule collide!

Your anger, for what we have done,

The good news forbids us to fear:

Our sins You have charg’d on Your Son:

Your justice to Him we refer:

Be mindful of Jesus and us!

Our pardon He suffer’d to buy;

And what he procur’d on the cross,

For us he demands in the sky.

Augustus Toplady

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