Why’s trouble chasing me

Why, O LORD, do you stand far off? Psalm 10:1

Life is full of odd encounters & an assortment of peculiar rejecting accusers

God is . . . an ever-present help in trouble” Ps 46:1

But He allows trouble to pursue us,

as though He were indifferent to its overwhelming pressure,

so we may be brought to the end of ourselves.

Through the trial,

we are led to discover the treasure of darkness

and the immeasurable wealth of tribulation.

We may be sure that He who allows the suffering is with us throughout it.

It may be that we will only see Him once the ordeal is nearly passed,

but we must dare to believe that He never leaves our trial.

Our eyes are a times foggy & blinded so we can’t see the One our soul loves.

The darkness & our bandages blind us so that we cannot see the form of our High Priest.

Yet He is there & is deeply touched.

Let us not rely on our feelings but trust in His unswerving faithfulness.

And though we cannot see Him, let us talk to Him.

Although His presence is veiled, once we begin to speak to Jesus

as if He were literally present,

an answering voice comes to show us He is in the shadow,

keeping watch over His own.

Your Father is as close to you when you journey through the darkest tunnel

as He is when you are under the open heaven!

from Daily Devotional Commentary

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