The taste of light

“That the eyes of our heart would be enlightened”

Ephesians 1:18

We may know things in our mind. But, to grasp those things in our heart is enlightenment.

Film is treated with a chemical. When the shutter in the lens of the camera opens,

the objects that the lens is pointed at allows the light to be captured and grasped by the film.

It’s one thing to say; I know all that in my mind.

But to say; I grasp this in my heart.

Yes, I see it now, it lifts me, encourages me & changes me.

Someone may tell me honey is sweet. I may read it is sweet.

But when a spoonful of honey hits the tastebuds of my mouth I grasp it.

We need the Spirit to sensitize our hearts with His chemistry

so that we taste truth & cling to it in our hearts.

Gods Spirit takes God’s truths in His Word & speaks light & sweetness

through it to lift us up, move us, strike us & even melt & compel us.

The eyes of my heart (the tastebuds of my heart)

Need constant enlightening.

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