Are we nothing

So what do I really think of me?

I suppose, as I estimate myself,

I certain I pass for being,

I’m not really what would be thought a successful man.

I’m occasionally stared at.

Not by many.

Maybe by nobody really.

In fact it may only be me seeing if there’s some worth.

I make enough to qualify for the Internal Revenue tax this time of year.

Sure, It would be nice to have more.

Id be cool to do better.

But is that success?

It Could be I’m edging into elderly,

Does that mean I’m over the hill?

Am I coasting down the final slopes?

Did I say or write anything worth while?

What kind of serious impact has there been?

Is it mostly negative?

I like to day dream that there’s been some tiny triumphs.

But if I add them all together,

could be they are nothing or even less than nothing?

Maybe the pluses are I’m a positive impediment.

Could it be that tragic?

That sounds too drastic.

I really do try to look out of myself.

That’s why I attempt to pray.

I’ll never give up on praying & trusting

That’s where I imagine that I’m getting my greatest results.

Yes praying.

doing just that.

When I measure things in the light of this living water that I’ve drank.

Yes. I’m meaning Jesus.

You know Christ.

He offers Himself for my spiritual thirst,

So with Jesus, irrespective of who or what i am, I feel great hope.

And I’m certain.

Apart from Him I can do nothing!

But He keeps telling me.

If I am close in with Him, He’ll do things through me.

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