Is He etched in us

When I was 13 I did a silly thing.

I took some ink & used a straight pin to etch a really small cross into my ankle.

I’m not sure why.

It certainly looks odd to me now.

Here I am, I’m turning the corner to 70 years old. And I have this micro tat on my ankle. I never showed my parents.

I’m sure they would have not been pleased.

As I look at it, I’m not that impressed either. It has nothing to do with taking up my cross daily.

I’ve read taking up your cross means denying yourself.

I’m not so sure I’ve done much of that. I’m not that great at dying to self. Displacing what I want for what Jesus wants sounds out of step with a good time. But not really.

I’m noticing that friendships have been wearing thin.

Fact is after years of experience I’ve never had a friend like Jesus.

I’m sure He’s not all that impressed with my ankle art

But I do feel He likes me a lot.

I like hanging out with Jesus.

I really do.

And more & more

I’m certain He enjoys me too.

Sure I have Unmet Expectations

Sure I have Unanswered Prayers

Yes there’s some Unresolved Issues

And here & there there’s an

Unexpected Crisis

And of course there are

Unplanned Life Events

Is that my cross?

Well if it is I enjoy hanging with Jesus.

He is so worth it to me!!!

I know Heavenly Father,

I need You lots today

We pray that this day

We may live in Your presence &

listen to You more & more.

Lord Jesus, we pray,

help us take up our cross & follow You.

Psalms 25:4-5

Show me thy ways, O LORD;

make truth viewable

teach me thy paths.

make truth viable

Lead me in thy truth

make truth visible

& teach me:

enlighten & educate us

Make truth verifiable

for You are the God of my salvation;

Make truth victorious

We need Your saving power

every moment

on You do I wait all the day.

make truth etched into our heart

Teach us—

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