“but God.”

“But God.”

I was dead-set against God,

“But God.”

I was dead to any love for God at all,

I was buried into my self.

I was disoriented & blind in my sins

“But God.”

I was deceived by lust for pleasure;

I was deluded by “the prince of the power of the air”

I was a total slave to me

I was tossed between the impulsive winds of my self whims

I was drowning in the sea of my fleshly mindset

“But God.”

I was God’s enemy

I really hated God

I was a child of wrath.

I hated my parents

I hated my name

I hated myself

“But God.”

But God being rich in mercy,

but God showing His incomprehensible love for me

while I was a sinner

When I was dead in my sin

When I was God-dead,

When I totally wanted to ignore God,

When I was God enemy,

“But God.” Said. No! Your going to live! Spiritually live

“But God.” Changed everything

He said

I’m going to make you alive to real beauty,

I’m going to make you alive to true glory,

I’m giving you full hope,

I’m giving you real pleasure,

I’m making you alive to incredible joy!

You now Live to God

You now live forever

“But God.”

Did all this by placing my sin on his Son,

Jesus the Life

Jesus the truth

Jesus the way,

and God said to my sin “die”

And Jesus was made sin for me

the righteous for the unrighteous,

Now I’ve become the righteousness of God in Jesus

So now I live forever secure in Jesus

“But God.”

So now, I’m saved only by God’s grace.

Not by anything I’ve done.

Not based on my performance

No it’s all based on God

Now I’m in awe of “but God.”

Now I worship nothing “but God.”

Now I want only “but God.”

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