I call You mine

I love Your dwelling place, Lord God

I hunger to worship You,

I thirst to gather with Your people & commune with You.

Like a sparrow in its nest, or a swallow sheltering in a chimney,

I am utterly at home in Your presence,

O LORD Almighty, my King & my God.

I love Your house;

I love Your people.

I love being around those whose strength is in You,

Yes, those who enter Your house intent on worship.

Thank You for those who worship You wherever You show up,

in a tiny chapel or a majestic cathedral,

in a desert or a rainforest.

You lead such true worshipers from strength to strength,

You show Yourself to them without fail.

Hear my prayer, O LORD God Almighty;

listen to me, O God

Look upon us, Lord God;

look with favor on Your people

Better is one day in Your courts

than a thousand anywhere else;

I would rather sweep Your floors, O Lord,

than be exalted in the palaces of the wicked.

For you, LORD God, are a sun & shield;

You bestow favor & honor;

You withhold no good thing

from those who walk with You.

O LORD Almighty,

I am thrilled & honored to trust in You & I call You mine.

Psalms 84 paraphrased

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