Be satisfied & Don’t sink

Theres nothing more satisfying then the Lord Jesus!


We may try this & that to fill us,

but it never meets our needs.

We can surround ourselves with stuff

We can hoard & gather & clutch things

But it’s never enough.

We fill our ships

We burden them down

We’re heavy enough to sink,

We don’t have an inch of space to hold more.

It just doesn’t satisfy,

It’s a bloat to our souls.

None of it leads to true contentment

And It warns: “its not in me”

Nothing has value.

Not even a perfect paradise is enough if Jesus isn’t there.

All our longings-all our strivings-all our grabbing

It’s sinking our ship.

We’re listing.

We’re Leaning

We’re taking on the engulfing sea into our vessel

It’s the things of this world,

It’s been weighed in the balance & found wanting.

We need God’s Holy Spirit to fill our hearts,

Not stuff. Not this & that,

We need our infinite desires to be satisfied with Jesus

We need His voice in our ears

We need to find our all in the bosom of our Maker.

No one! Nothing! Only Him! Only He fully satisfies

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