Your fragrance

As a deer drinks from the creek;

We want to drink God,

deep swallows of our glorious God.

We’re thirsty for You Jesus our source of life.

We doubt & we wonder, “Will we ever get through this—

Will we arrive & drink in Your holy presence?”

We’re on a diet of the tears of disappointments

We’re so embarrassed by our nauseous

self—destructive discouragements

We mope in the morning,

We moan inside through the day.

We avoid people. We are a bundle of nerves

We’re haunted & pestered by our being such a drag,

We feel like we’re targeted by ridiculing haters

They blather at us in caustic put downs

They bloviate in blaming raspy rawness

They mockingly ridicule: so you’re so fond of Jesus

Where is He, You phony old worthless thing?

You’re nothing but a nuisance & a fraud

Psa. 42:1-3 Paraphrased

Please-please-please, We’re begging You Lord

We’re surrounded! We’re boxed in!

Everywhere we look there’s caustic antagonists

They’re like an incurable plague,

They are taunting us in raging disparagements

We feel the jagged edges of their betrayal

They are merciless in their badgering mockery:

They drag us through the mud

They exaggerate -They harass-They ridicule

They specialize in the tortures of character assassination.

They use mind games & say we’re a danger to society

They say You don’t care about us God!

But we’re certain You are with us;

We know Your speaking.

We know Your guiding

We know You’re hearing our voice & feeling our feelings

Give us the words to express to You

Let us wash Your feet with our tears

Let our moaning prayers be Your favorite incense

Let us feel the embrace of Your arms around us

Lift us up to Your loving presence

Let us anoint Your head with the fragrance of Your tender compassion

Psalms 3:1-4 paraphrased

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