Adversities inspirations

Adversity introduces us to ourselves.

Adversity introduces us to others.

Adversity comes in too many forms to number.

It could be

Physical Adversity is like a disability, disease, broken bone, chronic pain, etc.

Mental Adversity is like mental anguish, mental distress, psychiatric disorders,
adverse trauma, bereavement, domestic or family violence.

Emotional Adversity is like sadness, heartache, grief, depression, anger, frustration.

Social Adversity is like ridicule & rejection, character assassinations.

Spiritual Adversity is wrestling with unseen forces.

Financial Adversity is inadequate provisions

Adversity allows us to rewrite our story. We may have previously assumed we had a
dominant plot in our life. Now, through adversity the plot has changed.

Adversity introduces us to ourselves.

It’s the upheaval of unwanted change.

It’s the tragedy that disrupts the status quo & compels a new attention;

It’s the odd new form of resistance that motivates us to a new focus.

Now we find a whole new list of engagements & choices.

Adversity makes us adjust our level of trust.

We discover that those we thought were friends, or in some level are
individuals we could share or confide in, are now in opposition to us
or even enemies.

This is a crossroads.

We have to now take a different direction.

We need new, true friends, we can relax & confide in.

We avoid previous associations, recognizing their adverse & insecure effects on us.

These changes drive us to write what we really want to say,
Now we fill up the blank pages of our lives with new ink in our pens.

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