Our story needs an ending

A good ending doesn’t have to be all secure & pleasant.

It only has to bring the story to completeness.

It is the cherries jubilee at the end of a feast.

The meal was brilliant, it was exquisitely developed

It was presented tastefully.

Then, the finishing touches are the rich cherry delights.

Our banquet endings are our final indulgences—

As our life story is lived well,

We want a tasteful ending to our life story.

An ending that’s sensual, maybe furiously zany, but sweet & filling,

Plus honoring & enriching to all that came before.

And, as we think of endings, it’s vital to understand it’s not about actual death.

We are here to help each other; to give a lift, maybe to stabilize each other or meet a need.

Nor is it about arriving; but, we went to get to a place where we can be an assistance.

That’s not an ending, but an end with a beginning.

We learn that our hopes are to help with someone who’s down & comfort others in failure

But to do that, we need to see each other’s successes & rejoice in those

Even though we’re all weathering tastes of decline & death.

We all want this ending in us that is really a beginning of reaching out,

To have that we have to learn our own Story.

The better we learn about ourselves, the more articulate we can be with others in their Story.

We learn of ourselves through deepening our intimacy with our Designer & Creator.

We discover ourselves by deepening our communication with our Savior and Friend,

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is in relaxing in His voice,
It is in resting in His presence &
It is in realizing His individual purposes & plans.
It is in reveling in how intricate He individually devises each moment so uniquely for us

That we complete our own story & help others with their story.

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