Be still & know

Be still & know that I am God:
I will be exalted among all that reject me,
I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46:10

The demand for us to “be still” comes from the Hebrew verb rapha
(meaning to be weak, to let go, to release),

This could be rendered as

“cause yourselves to let go” or

“let yourselves become weak”

In a poetic contexts, the noun form is rephai’im & is sometimes used as a synonym for.

“the place of the dead”

So are we to “be still?

So are we to “let go?

So are we to “surrender?

So are we to “die to ourselves?

We’re not just to “be still!”

We’re also to “know!”

There are are two imperatives here.
One is a condition & the other is a result.
We are to surrender in order to know that God is in control!

We “let go” in order to objectively know the saving power of God in our lives.

We give up trusting in ourselves & our own designs
in order to experience the glory of God’s all-sufficiency Ex 14:14

We quit trying to control outcomes.
We quit trying to control circumstances.
We quit trying to control people.

When we surrender to the sure truth that the our LORD & our God
is in complete control of everything,

When we let go & trust every promise in His Word.

When we be still & die to ourselves in trusting prayer to Jesus.

When we use His poetic Psalms to express the feelings of our soul in grieving gratitude & praise

We will know His Love
We will know His Joy
We will know His peace
We will be filled with His Spirit

And we will be delivered from our fears.
We will be at rest in our raging surroundings

Everything is in decline.
Everything is decadent & decaying

All the human kingdoms are tottering and on the verge of collapse v 6

But God is here. He is with us. His presence surrounds us with help in time of trouble v 1

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