Loves kisses

Yes, my love’s kisses flow from her lips to mine & from my lips to hers.

We are lover’s. We’re all each other wants.
We are all the world to each other!

Come, dear lover— let’s roam through the countryside.
Let’s sleep at some special hideout,
then rise early & listen to birds singing

Let’s look for wildflowers in bloom,
Rose bushes blossoming burgundy red,
Fruit trees bursting with cascading flowers in the spring.

And there we’ll give ourselves to each other, my love to your love & your love to me!

Love in each other drenching us with fragrance,
fertility surrounds & infuses us,

Every sweet Fruit fresh & intoxicated with affection
We’ve kept & saved just for each other, as true love.…

Song of Songs 7:9-13 paraphrased

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