Don’t get burned

God has perfect knowledge
God sees all persons and things,
God sees them all,
God even sees the secrets,
God sees with one clear, certain, and unerring view.

In the Second Book of Samuel Absalom, the shrewd aspirant to David, his father’s throne,
wanted an interview with Joab, the top General of David’s army.
He sent for Joab to come to him, but Joab refuses.

The obstinate grizzled soldier had no respect for Absalom’s request,

So Joab’s field was next to Absalom, and he was growing barley there.

And Absalom set it on fire!”

Then Joab arose and came to Absalom.

God uses the same shock. Often He burns something we value to bring our hearts to Himself.

Being austere toward God.
Being obstinate at His touches in our life.
Being cold & ignoring of Jesus loving knocking on our hearts door.

Can cause our barley-field to be set on fire;
There’s deep feelings that can plunge us to our knees when what’s so precious to us gets
wrapped in the flames of loss. How many things need to be covered with the ashes of our
extinguished hopes before we open up to let Jesus have all of us???

Our Lord touches our tenderest spots
He sweeps away the objects we love too well.
But it’s better to have our idols dashed into invisible atoms.
Then to miss out on the deeps of Jesus loves.

As one has stated

“Pain often drives to prayer.
The door that shuts a man out
from the world shuts him in to reflection,
and finally into the ark of safety.”

God brings us into the room of trial so we’ll find Him in the room with us!

As one has noted

“I could never see Jesus until I became blind.”

“Three weeks on the couch of pain & peril has taught me things
which I never learned in three years at a theological seminary.”

“One had his fortune swept away in a conflagration; but his heavenly hope
was locked up in what was more fire-proof than any iron safe, his character
came out like pure gold from the flames. One of the most benevolent & useful
merchants in America saw the flames of ruin go through his field of barley,
and the earnings of an honest life laid in ashes!

But his heavenly inheritance was more then all the money of Bill Gates & the very
loss of his stocks and “securities” led him to inventory afresh the blessed treasures
which he has laying up in heaven.
So, being a bankrupt, we finds that our best investments are untouched;
there has been no depreciation in our real estate in heaven, which lies at
God’s eternal throne.”

So we cry: Put a torch to our barley field that we would find our all in You!

Our loving God has a purpose in every trial.
If our heart is broken we cry!

Wherefore hast thou set my field on fire?”

It’s ridiculous to flee away from God in petulant despair.

He is only burning up our barley to bring thee closer to Himself.

Let His flames
Let His burning gaze
Bring us to His throne of grace & mercy.

If our truck flies over the embankment while we’re sleeping
If we’re plunged into a frozen swamp of pain & confusion

Fall into His loving arms & drink in His rich promises.

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