True values

Imagine experiencing a loss that makes you richer,

Envision an injury that makes you stronger,

Visualize a scar that makes you more beautiful.

Such is the miraculous power of forgiveness in healing a wound.

But it isn’t easy. Forgiveness is hard because it isn’t fair.
The victim shouldn’t be required to pay twice, we think.
But there’s an ironic twist to forgiveness.
The one who practices it, truly, connects personally with the heart of God

Forgiveness gives us a communion at a deeper level
than may be possible through any other experience of life.

Genuine forgiveness is transformative
Opening the jar lid let’s the light in & cause
God’s love, God’s joy & God’s peace to flow in & through us

The losses! The injuries! The scars! The galling bitter hurts!

End up being worth far more than their damages & losses

This all becomes Pure Gold in the bank

It’s not just that we forgive the savage tortures others have brought on us

We forgive God! We love God! We forgive ourselves mostly for becoming trapped by it all!

It’s not: what did I do? what did I do? what did I do? To deserve all this?

No! No! No!

Help us! We believe that You God, in the mystery of prayer, through the puzzle of faith
You O Lord in the grips of these awkward enigmas have entrusted us with a force that
can move the Heavenly world & can bring its power down to earth.

Even so Lord Jesus!!!
Make it happen!
Fill us! Live in us!
Live through us!
Transform us in Your love!

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