Satanic counterfeits

We can renounce Satan’s counterfeit gospel, but first we must see it for what it is.

The good news according to Satan Enumerates the major ways
the Devil uses his cunning & calculating ways of luring us off the narrow road of God’s grace.

We need to confront the lies we are being sold
Don’t Give Up & don’t give in!

This is a unique, compelling & even witty look at the devil’s current greatest hits–
The lies we urgently need to unmask.

We need to discover the 7 Myths About Singleness!

Yes, absolutely, it time to be alerted!
Of course!
Are you kidding me.
God does care about who we hang out with.
God Does God Care Who we Sleep With

There are a barrage of mind boggling tantalizing falsehoods hitting on us from every angle,
They have to be exposed!
They’ve snaked & slithered into our hearts.

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