I quarry out the Truth when I read scripture,

but I smelt the ore & get the pure gold out of it when


For lack of MEDITATION the Truth of God runs by us
Then we so easily miss & lose the richness of it’s probing solutions

Our treacherous memory is like a sieve—
what we hear & what we read runs through it
Because of lack of focus our mind leaves but little behind—
that little is often unprofitable to us by reason of our lack of diligence to get thoroughly at it.

“We must, by meditation, tread the clusters of truth,

if we would get the wine of consolation therefrom

I often find it very profitable to get a text

as a sweet morsel under my tongue in the morning

Then to keep the flavor of it, if I can,

suck on Gods truths in my mouth all day!”


Sometimes it difficult for me to memorize a small phrase from a passage
This slows us way down when we’re attempting to affix a chapter or a book to our memory

I spent two weeks on one phrase in Colossians 3 it was v.6

“For which cause sake”

For whatever reason it wouldn’t stick

So I wrote the 4 words out 36 times

Then I visualized 4 fingers & 4 witches as causing mistake after mistake

FOR WHICH stuck in my mind for my truth ponderings.

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