Ever been deeply hurt?

Ever find it kinda it hard to trust?

Ever felt — well… kinda betrayed?

I am sorry.

I am sorry for the pain that’s been burning a searing hole out the side of your heart, that’s scorched your days and profaned your moments with the lingering stench of betrayal.

“Everyone has been betrayed.

But betrayal doesn’t get to destroy your trust in everyone.

Just because every betrayal begins with trust,
doesn’t mean every betrayal has to end with cynicism.

I am sorry your trust wasn’t prized —
and a hard won bit of you was painfully lost.

I am sorry for what now is….
that should never have been.

You didn’t sign up for this.

You didn’t sign up to have your trust torched,
your kindness kindled into flame,
your security to go up in smoke.

You didn’t sign up to be duped and deluded,
used and abused, and you didn’t for one moment
expect anyone to play Judas and play false
with the story of your life.

They got what they wanted,
and you got shafted in ways
you never planned.

They got the upper hand and
you got taken advantage of.

They got what wasn’t theirs,
and you got what you never wanted.

Sometimes? The gravest wrong isn’t
how they betrayed you —
but how you ever trusted them.

Sometimes? Betrayal feels like holding
hands with what twisted into a trap that
chewed up and spit out part of your heart.

Sometimes? An enemy’s frontal assault hurts
less than the backstabbing of a friend.

And now, you’re desperate for a sign
that points the way out of this mess.

Ann Voskamp

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